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    Alcohol, the answer to all good networking

    Alcohol! Yes! I’m rather fond of it! But not in a Patsy & Edina kind of way darling, darling! Maybe on occasion but as you and I well know, the older you get the harder it gets to handle excess like you once handled in your supple years. I just like enough to get merry and a wee bit excited which seems rather appropriate I write such a post with only 2 sleeps til we head to Bali to celebrate Farmer’s 40th – as you do. Kid free. I plan to take it easy but we shall see. As I reflect on the awesome Tourism conference I went on last week, and reflect on years of working in Hospitality, I’ve noticed the benefits of alcohol whilst networking makes such a difference. I’ve been in a few meetings of late and the agenda format, minutes and motions all take quite some time to roll out. However, I’m wondering if we would of absorbed everything with far more ease and good banter if it was in a sundowner type setting. I’ve been to a few sundowners in the past few weeks and with the help of a few glasses of bubbles I now have […]

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    August 10 on 10

    Welcome to another month of sharing of our favourite photos for the month 🙂 Now I’m back working 5 days a week I can officially confirm I’m turning into one of those…

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    AAA Meeting

    Fake it til you make it

    We’ve all heard this before and ain’t it the truth! I’m not talking about being fake, I’m talking about white lies, smoke and mirrors and often using the phrase “I’m right on top…

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    July Winners

    Winners are grinners right?! Hell yes but as predicted from last week’s post, Mummy is starting to lose her shit. I’ve had a few temper tantrums, meal plan is lagging and were…

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    AAA Meeting

    Workmate love

    Ok, there’s workmate love and there’s workmate LOVE. Today’s AAA meeting I want to talk about just the normal kind of workmate love, as in, how good is it working with awesome…

  • AIM cover page

    10 on 10 – July 2016

    It’s that time again, when me and some lovable buds share 10 photos of the month in our neck of the woods. I’d love to share some more photos of the farm…

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    How Pixar nailed Finding Dory!

    Just over a week ago we were super lucky to attend Perth’s first screening of Finding Dory. The build up to this well loved story has taken years!!! Did you know that…

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    What do we tell our kids?

    I’m not sure if it’s my hormones or just a build up from yet another shooting tragedy but I can’t seem to stop crying. My kids are quick to spot if I’m…

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