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    Taking Stock – November 2016

    Guess who got Adele tickets?!! SHUT UP!! I know! It’s pretty amazing really as I left it up to Farmer to get them. He’s never bought tickets like that before so there was a lot of pressure. Plus the Ticketek site crashed just an hour before. Pretty impressive Farmer – brownie points for you. We’ve just quietly told Mum we didn’t get tickets so she’ll be suitably impressed when she gets a ticket for Christmas. Hope she isn’t reading this – if you are Mum SURPRISE!! Act surprised when you get it ok! Time to take stock again, another season is near – can you believe it? Longest Winter ever?!! It’s a real shame really as the wildflowers out my way took a while to come out because of it and that’s a huge attraction for all the travellers I meet at work. Having said that those few 40C days were enough to knock us out for the count. Then it was freezing – who can keep up? No wonder we’ve all been sick – did you get sick too? Hope you missed it! Here’s my take on Pip’s Taking Stock. Join in and tell me where it’s at for […]

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    Gilmore who!??

    Of course you know which Gilmore’s I’m talking about…and it’s not Adam Sandler. Have you been getting into the Gilmore Girls? There’s soooo much excitement about it’s return and rightly so but…

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    AAA Award

    AAA Meeting – October Winners

    Hey! How was your Melbourne Cup Day? I find its not the race I’m into, it’s the fact we stop what we’re doing and have a fancy lunch of course. Do you…

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    AAA Meeting

    Aldi is all good!!!

    At last! At LAST I’ve finally shopped at an Aldi supermarket! Perth was a tad slow to the uptake on these popular German stores we kept hearing about. After reading my mate’s hillarious…

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    AAA Meeting, Brands I love

    An etsy gem!

    Are you a fan of etsy? Do you easily fall down the rabbit hole looking for gifts but end up buying yourself a little something? Who me!? But how cool are some…

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    10 on 10 – October 2016

    Photo time! And boy so I have some beauties!! Time got away from me last month so I might just have to break the rules and give you more that ten photos…

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    AAA Meeting

    So much awesome service!!

    Welcome to a AAA meeting!! Where the hell have we been?!! Phew!! I remember looking at the bursting calendar at the start of August and thinking HOLD ON!! Life’s crazy busy rollercoaster sure took…

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    Taking Stock – September 2016

    I’m back to the land of blog! Yay! And what better way to ease gently into things than by taking stock. This time round however life has changed completely. And all for…