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    AAA Winners & Christmas Holidays

    Here I am!! I disappeared there for a week. Last week was crazy town!! I bet it was for you too. This week seems like holiday mode already. The street I look out onto from my office window, looks like a ghost town already?!! Everyone must of racked off to holiday already hey. Nice one 🙂 How’s your Christmas shopping going? I finished mine last week luckily. A strange feeling of I’M DONE!?! came over me whilst carrying too many bags to my car parked miles away. Now it’s time to wrap them up. I usually LOVE doing this but I’ve turned into a Nanna lately and go to bed just after I put the boys to bed. BUT… do you know what’s on teli tonight? LOVE ACTUALLY!! AW! There’s not too many movies you can watch a million times and love it everytime – and cry! So tonight’s the night. Have you got your tree up yet? I haven’t! Is that bad? I hope to tomorrow or sometime this week. We have a small blowup tree from Tesco with an elf sitting next to it and a Lego advent calendar so haven’t gone complete Grinch this year. There’s still time. My […]

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    AAA Award

    Remember that one time…

    Oh wow! We’re all saying it – It’s that time of year! There’s so many things on, we’re double booking ourselves and running around exhausted!! Going to bed late and up again early, gone…

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    AAA Meeting, Everything else

    Gilmore who!??

    Of course you know which Gilmore’s I’m talking about…and it’s not Adam Sandler. Have you been getting into the Gilmore Girls? There’s soooo much excitement about it’s return and rightly so but…

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    AAA Award

    AAA Meeting – October Winners

    Hey! How was your Melbourne Cup Day? I find its not the race I’m into, it’s the fact we stop what we’re doing and have a fancy lunch of course. Do you…

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    AAA Meeting

    Aldi is all good!!!

    At last! At LAST I’ve finally shopped at an Aldi supermarket! Perth was a tad slow to the uptake on these popular German stores we kept hearing about. After reading my mate’s hillarious…

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    AAA Meeting, Brands I love

    An etsy gem!

    Are you a fan of etsy? Do you easily fall down the rabbit hole looking for gifts but end up buying yourself a little something? Who me!? But how cool are some…

  • october-10-on-10

    10 on 10 – October 2016

    Photo time! And boy so I have some beauties!! Time got away from me last month so I might just have to break the rules and give you more that ten photos…

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    AAA Meeting

    So much awesome service!!

    Welcome to a AAA meeting!! Where the hell have we been?!! Phew!! I remember looking at the bursting calendar at the start of August and thinking HOLD ON!! Life’s crazy busy rollercoaster sure took…