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    An etsy gem!

    Are you a fan of etsy? Do you easily fall down the rabbit hole looking for gifts but end up buying yourself a little something? Who me!? But how cool are some of those finds on there? I love it. I especially love it when when you fall in love with an item, no make that the shop, then you realise, hang on a minute, I know that surname. Turns out not only did I find a fabulous new shop to call a favourite, but 10 years ago I worked with the shop owners husband at Perth Airport! Paul was so much fun to work with!! #whatarethechances #6degreesofkevinbacon #noteven #perthissosmall Meet Tracey, she’s the owner of Naughts and Crosses Boutique based in Perth, WA. I fell in love with her gorgeous collection instantly. They stand out from the usual bags with their vibrant colours and touch of boho. Not only do they make the perfect accessory with an outfit but they moonlight as an iPad case too. Tracey had dreamt of becoming a boutique owner for years. It wasn’t until her best friend moved to Thailand and introduced her to beautiful fair trade fabric, that her dream started to evolve. Tracey has […]

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  • october-10-on-10

    10 on 10 – October 2016

    Photo time! And boy so I have some beauties!! Time got away from me last month so I might just have to break the rules and give you more that ten photos…

  • hotel-coverpage
    AAA Meeting

    So much awesome service!!

    Welcome to a AAA meeting!! Where the hell have we been?!! Phew!! I remember looking at the bursting calendar at the start of August and thinking HOLD ON!! Life’s crazy busy rollercoaster sure took…

  • stock-sep
    Everything else

    Taking Stock – September 2016

    I’m back to the land of blog! Yay! And what better way to ease gently into things than by taking stock. This time round however life has changed completely. And all for…


    August 10 on 10

    Welcome to another month of sharing of our favourite photos for the month 🙂 Now I’m back working 5 days a week I can officially confirm I’m turning into one of those…

  • fake mask
    AAA Meeting

    Fake it til you make it

    We’ve all heard this before and ain’t it the truth! I’m not talking about being fake, I’m talking about white lies, smoke and mirrors and often using the phrase “I’m right on top…

  • Giving applause to awesome service
    AAA Award

    July Winners

    Winners are grinners right?! Hell yes but as predicted from last week’s post, Mummy is starting to lose her shit. I’ve had a few temper tantrums, meal plan is lagging and were…

  • workmate love
    AAA Meeting

    Workmate love

    Ok, there’s workmate love and there’s workmate LOVE. Today’s AAA meeting I want to talk about just the normal kind of workmate love, as in, how good is it working with awesome…