AAA Meeting

    The sweetest thing happened

    Hey!! Howz it goin?! I missed you guys. Welcome to this week’s AAA meeting. Having that week off really helped to catch up and lose the stress. Sometimes we just gotta wave the white flag and take it easy hey! I hope you do this for yourself once in awhile too ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here on the blog, you may be aware how I love to celebrate awesome service and do so by sending a movie voucher and and a thank you card just to make someones day. I’ve sent a lot of movie vouchers out over the past year or so. It’s not a sponsored thing, it’s just a little gesture I enjoy doing. It’s like weekly coffee money over the month, so it’s no biggy. I don’t expect a reply back, I only wonder if it landed it the right hands and gave the high five it was intended for. In the past we’ve heard from Doug from Rare Records. He was very thankful to get some happy mail and chuffed we gave him applause for his awesome service. Last week I received a card of thanks from another happy winner – it took me forever to work out […]

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  • veggie cover
    Farm life, Photography

    10 on 10 – May 2016

    I’m back! I can’t believe I missed two rounds of our uber cool photography circle but life and shitty internet happens! I also can’t believe last time I was taking photos we…

  • AAA Meeting

    Had any awesome service lately?

    Well hello! hello! How the hell?! I’ve missed you ๐Ÿ™‚ It feels like forever since we discussed all things service. It’s so unbelievably blissful to return to the land of the living…

  • internet crazy
    Farm life

    How’s your internet connection?

    Have you ever seen that memeย Home is where the wifi connects automatically?ย When I first read it I laughed and couldn’t agree more. There’s no place like home where everything you need is…

  • Giving applause to awesome service
    AAA Award

    AAA Meeting – March Winner

    March is done and dusted!! And I’m hoping like us, all the Easter eggs are too! I am DONE with chocolate! I just want NECTARINES thank you….or dates. Back to clean eating…

  • Easter chats
    AAA Meeting

    AAA Meeting – Easter chats

    Welcome to a late, short but sweet meeting this week. The calendar is FULL to the brim lately and with the change in the weather I’m feeling like I just want a…

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