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Our Backyard Blitz has begun
home renos

Our Backyard Blitz has begun!

What a difference a year can make! Just over a year ago I posted a picture on instagram of our backyard wishing for the sand to be replaced with beautiful green grass… It wasn’t pretty, but it’s often the case when you’re busy saving for other things. The kids loved playing in the sand but I sure as hell didn’t love all the sand that followed them inside. In Summer it looked ten times as hot looking outside. But as I’m always being told good things come to those that wait! The lawn got put in just before my 40th and what an epic job it was. Farmer was planning to level out all the sand himself! Ha! Not sure what watch he was working on. Would of taken him years and back pain smoothing it all out. So I made a sneaky phone call to have it smoothed out by a little bulldozer and it was done in an hour! Too easy!! A blank canvas! How exciting!! We then had to get the retic sorted! That happened with some dear friends, many cocktails and late night dancing and singing to our favourite – Mr Daryl Braithwaite!! As you can […]

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