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Hooray! Back to school week is here!

Aren’t you just loving all the cute photos of everyone’s school kids lately? Kids look so much younger than we ever were or have I just forgotten I was actually that little too!? Tomorrow both my little darlings start full time school – Pre-Primary and Grade 1. I honestly thought I’d be kicking my heels but I’m actually nervous and anxious they’re growing up so freakin fast! My baby is not so baby anymore. Sniff! sniff! Mummy might need a G&T later, see how we go.

Normality is seeping back with all the usual crap on TV. I watched a tiny bit of MKR and ugh!! How can we possibly be up to another season??!! It’s so scripted. Guess who accepted the nasty bastard role. The whole of Australia doesn’t like this bloke now and we all know he’s going to fall on his arse when it’s his time to cook! Common TV land, give us something outstanding to watch then make it stop and have us all hanging.

Or… I could just go to bed early and read a book hey. That sounds like a better idea. I think I’d lose my voice watching Married at First Sight from yelling at the TV too much haha! I know friends that would love to be on Googlebox – they’d need a M rating version at our place from all the ranting (R rating once the kids are in bed).

I had some amazing service on our trip to Perth over the weekend. Have you heard of UberEATS? It’s a very cool new app for ordering takeaway food from a restaurant. It’s not available in all suburbs but oh my gawd! It’s the best! We ordered the most heavenly burgers and fries from Varsity Burger. We ordered on the app, paid by paypal and then just like the uber app, we watched the little car drive to where we live 30 minutes later. A friendly uber driver dropped it off and that was that – dinner served. So freakin awesome. Although that could be dangerous when you CBF and or hungover. The range of cuisine options is brilliant. Yay! You must try it when you can, an absolute winner.

Farmer had a good laugh with the staff at Bunnings. He was served by a transgender lady and said she was full of fun and really helpful. I love that the world is opening it’s arms to LGTB community. It really makes my heart bloom. The world has come along way…and then there’s TRUMP! How heavy does your heart feel every time you read what he’s done next? Bloody Nora!! It’s all just a bad dream right??

Well I’m about to dash off and throw myself into school baking, early dinners and labelling everything! My lieutenant voice will be ready for tomorrow mornings hussle, you betcha. I’ll be thinking of you all as you get back into the merry-go-round of routine.  Be ready with your awesome service stories you’ve had over the summer break, I have a thumper of a giveaway to help you ease back into routine next week. Have a great week!

Love Jo xx

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  • Reply Denyse Whelan Blogs February 1, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    Wow. BUSY in your household isnt it? Yep, once the reality shows are back, it means school is IN, shoes and socks are back on for work, and the year is off and running!! I like the sound of Uber eats too. I always wanted someone to bring me a baked dinner like mum used to make. There IS probably someone doing exactly that. Have a good week, both kids in school…wow (again) Denyse

    • Reply Jo February 20, 2017 at 3:47 pm

      Thanks Denyse!! Rolling into week 4 or is it 5 already!! As you can tell Mummy brain is in full schoool swing lol! You must try Uber eats – you’ll love it xx

  • Reply Tash @ Gift Grapevine February 2, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    As for Trump, I just keep on hoping that we’re all stuck in a bad episode of Punk’d! Hope your first week back at school has gone well. Can’t wait for the thumper of a giveaway – do tell!!!

    • Reply Jo February 20, 2017 at 3:49 pm

      Exactly!! But you know, even Ashten Kuchler wouldn’t be this cruel!! Lol!! Hope you’ve gotten back into the swing of things Tash! Bring on school lunchs, readers and notes home! SOS xx

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