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Taking Stock – February 2017

If I get this post out it’ll be a miracle!! School bus due in seconds, yet to have any tea or coffee wake up…I’m a scatterbrain but everything is organised – tickets, don’t forget those!! – as I’m seeing Adele TONIGHT!! So excited!! Although parking and finding mum in a crowd of 65 thousand people does have me a little anxious. Shit! Expect the worse, expect the worse, breathe!! I’m sure after the 3.5hr drive I’ll find my zen – trust me! LOL!

Making : Plans for quick Perth escape tonight. Boys are having a sleepover with the grandparents.

Cooking : Last night was Vietnamese Lettuce Cups the uber cookbook Merrymaker Sisters. They’re a little messy to eat but geez we love em!

Drinking : Pints of water, pints of soda water, earl grey tea and a few Margaritas last week!

Reading : Well after Amy Schumer cancelled her tour – boo! I stopped reading that book. I currently have 5 books to read. Just about finished Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant. I’d have to say I was expecting more goss and OMG stories but not really. It’s taken me forever to read as it’s not grabbed me. If anything it makes me glad I never was a flight attendant. All those time zones to adjust to, being away from home… no way. Turns out I’m a home body and much preferred ground crew duties 🙂

Trawling : Any news on Married at First Sight. I know! I know! but I am seriously hooked. Even had a nice dream about Nick – Sharon’s husband. He’s SOOO LOVELY! (After Farmer of course!)

Wanting : The mozzies in my office to LEAVE ME ALONE! They are so bad after all the rain.

Looking : Out my office window yesterday and town was it was quiet – only for a second. I had the busiest day. So many visitors – love it!

Deciding : On where to go to dinner tonight before the big concert. It’s gonna be busy!!

Wishing : Best of health always.

Enjoying : Married at First Sight. Must tape tonights show so I can completely absorb that asap.

Waiting : To hear back on big grant I went for for work in December. Won’t know til May – crazy amount of time to wait hey!!

Liking : The lakes filled up in our neighbourhood. We had such a gorgeous afternoon exploring just our little family yesterday (minus the cat)

Wondering : If we’ll get anymore rain – we’ve had quite a bit lately, have you?

Loving : The weather – yes it’s a bit hot at times but at least it feels right this time of year. Wearing ugg boots and putting the heater on in February is just wrong.

Pondering : Credit cards. I hate them. Just when I see the coast is clear to pay that sucker off something comes up! i shall do a happy dance when I cut it up!!

Listening : If I hear that bloody Trolls soundtrack 1 more time I’m going to scream. (Must thank my sister inlaw for that family gift – she knew what she was doing!!)

Considering : Well more like dreaming – of a new car. Ours is 8 years old now. Must keep an eye out on which SUV will be best.

Buying : Oh I scored!! Bohemian Traders had a sale and I am tickled pink! Can’t wait to try it all on 🙂

Watching : The Oscar updates – a lot of stuff ups by the looks. Wake up Hollywood.

Hoping : See wishing!

Marvelling : How fast this year is zooming past.

Cringing : This! Poor little man had a tic on the weekend!!! Raced to the doctors and they got it out. It was still alive too 🙁 Jayzuz!! Sent this picture to his class though – all thought it was very cool. Ugh!!

Needing : An extra day in the week!! ALWAYS!

Questioning : Where all the chocolate is in the house. That stuff disappears so quick!!

Smelling : Insect repellant that clearly isn’t working

Wearing : What am I wearing to Adele?! Must take options and change in car if need be.

Following : Luke Hines – he is adorable.

Noticing : My dog’s alarm clock – 4am is not cool Cruz!

Knowing : Just found out by text my 6 yr old is getting his first merit card today – and we won’t be there. No way!! Nanna will have to record it. So proud of our gorgeous big boy 🙂

Thinking : Someone called it the other day 10 months til Christmas – please don’t tell my children. They’ll start their lists already and I cannot handle anymore Lego talk – seriously!!

Admiring : My new FRANKiE4s

Getting : More mozzie bites the longer I sit here.

Bookmarking : I need a new bookmark actually. Lucky I sell some.

Disliking : My scales – mean bastard that one.

Opening : Happy mail! I’ve had some crackers lately – Bohemian Traders yesterday – swoon!

Giggling : At Cruz yesterday. Just like me, he wasn’t keen on a swim at the lake. His reaction to the boys swimming was hilarious. I’m not sure staffys can swim can they? Too heavy?

Feeling : Excited about our trip up North next week. Cannot wait! #muchneededfamilytime 🙂 Harvested lasted forever. I went back to work the week Farmer finished – bugger!

Helping : My volunteers at work help me out so much. I love them all <3

Hearing : Adele in about less than 10 hours – hello!

Celebrating : I’ll find something to celebrate before long…you just wait!

Pretending : I didn’t hear my doctor tell me I should be exercising 5 times a week – say what?? After our little holiday, I’ll commit to this though. Need to step up!

Embracing : Morning huggles from my boys are the best thing about mornings. Looking forward to dinner out with friends tonight – more hugs!!

And that’s that! It’s amazing to look back on these taking stock moments to check in where life has you at that very moment. Join in in the comments, I’d love to hear where you’re at too.

Don’t forget, if you have any awesome service stories head over to my FRANKiE4 post. You have the chance to win a voucher for some gorgeous new footwear. Check out the link and let me know about some amazing service you’ve had lately.

Have a great week! I shall no doubt be taking lots of pictures at the concert tonight squeeeeeeee! I bet I cry! I always cry when I love them so much! And I love it when she chats away too – sooo gorgeous. Catchya!

Jo xx

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  • Reply Raychael Case February 28, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    We could hear Adele last night from our house. Really wish I was going. Have another event on instead but that didn’t stop me trying to win last minute tickets. Not sure where to suggest for food. There are so many fab places around that part of town but it will be so busy.

  • Reply beck @ craftypjmum February 28, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    Adele…you lucky lady. Have the most wonderful time. I am also trying to drink more water (still working on that) I am also debating if I deserve to spend the money on myself and buy a long for pair of Frankie 4’s x

  • Reply Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid February 28, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    If you’re wondering what to wear to Adele, Robyna from Mummy and the Minx wrote a whole post about it! I only just scored a ticket for next week’s Sydney show and am totally stoked! Sounds like it’s all happening in the wild west, have a great night and enjoy that holi-yay, youse have earned it! PS Can’t wait to see the new threads 🙂

  • Reply Maria Parenti-Baldey February 28, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    On the farm we have ticks. They are far more deadly than nits.

  • Reply Amanda March 1, 2017 at 5:51 am

    Good job getting this out last minute! Ticks are so gross…used to have them all around us growing up…shiver! Have fun at the concert!!

  • Reply Kylie Purtell March 2, 2017 at 7:51 am

    So jealous about Adele! My sisters are going next week and I am so bummed I couldn’t go with them (our budget just couldn’t stretch for the tickets). And I am so enjoying this cooler weather after having our hottest summer on record! Bring on winter!

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