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Taking Stock – November 2016

Guess who got Adele tickets?!! SHUT UP!! I know! It’s pretty amazing really as I left it up to Farmer to get them. He’s never bought tickets like that before so there was a lot of pressure. Plus the Ticketek site crashed just an hour before. Pretty impressive Farmer – brownie points for you. We’ve just quietly told Mum we didn’t get tickets so she’ll be suitably impressed when she gets a ticket for Christmas. Hope she isn’t reading this – if you are Mum SURPRISE!! Act surprised when you get it ok!

Time to take stock again, another season is near – can you believe it? Longest Winter ever?!! It’s a real shame really as the wildflowers out my way took a while to come out because of it and that’s a huge attraction for all the travellers I meet at work. Having said that those few 40C days were enough to knock us out for the count. Then it was freezing – who can keep up? No wonder we’ve all been sick – did you get sick too? Hope you missed it!

Here’s my take on Pip’s Taking Stock. Join in and tell me where it’s at for you too. It’s funny looking back to where’s your head at at at at at……haha! Now you have that song stuck in your head! It’s my pleasure!

Making : So many recipes from the Get Merry app! The Merry Merry sisters have nailed it I reckon. Best $2.99 I’ve spent in a while. Tonight we had Fried Cauli Rice – we all loved it. Boys even got the chop sticks out although we did have to change to forks after 5 minutes – it was taking waaaaay too long!

Cooking : I must cook a cheesecake soon, a healthy one. I keep sending my friend pictures – cruel I know!!

Drinking : I’ve cut riiiiiight back, have I? Yeah, I have. I feel this maturity feeling hovering around me telling me to give it up. Hmmm!! We’ll see! I felt so much better when I gave it up, along with sugar but getting back there is hard. Hangovers – you suck!

Reading : Amy Schumer – I’m seeing her in a few weeks. She surprises me. I would never have guessed she’s actually an introvert like a lot of comedians are. Love her!

Trawling : Online catalogues and Gift Grapevine for Christmas gift inspiration.

Wanting : Fruit! Where is all the stone fruit I’ve been dreaming of?

Looking : Out my office window and a whole lotta motor bikes just went past – big news in a small town! lol!

Deciding : On what annual leave days to squeeze during school holidays. Working and school holidays don’t mix well 🙁

Wishing : For a fast and successful harvest thank you!

Enjoying : Cold Feet like you wouldn’t believe. God I love that show! I think it’s finished now though. Sob!

Waiting : For some happy mail. Oh it’s been awhile. I must send some out for Christmas. Don’t you just love happy mail?

Liking : Having a cleaner – I cannot tell you how awesome it is not spending the weekend cleaning now I’m working. Makes for a happy Mummy thats for sure!

Wondering : When did my boys start being so big?!! Pre Primary and Grade 1 next year! Woh!

Loving : How green our grass is, it looks like Farmer pimped our lawn – loving it!!

Pondering : Do we go for a pool in a few years time or not. So many pros and cons.

Listening : 2 bands actually! Crowded House ALL TODAY & YESTERDAY- how good was their live concert!? For all the dirt we dig on ABC I bow and thank you. All the great memories that band brought back and of course sang the whole way through 🙂  Did you know I walked down the aisle to a Split Enz song? Sure did! It was the New Zealand orchestra version. Love it! Not sure of the song meaning but it caught my kiwi roots eye and the orchestra version is just stunning. Also Radiohead! I heard this song on Cold Feet that this crazed chef in London use to play on his guitar to me, convinced I was in love with him. I so wasn’t, but he made me laugh! 13 years ago, funny how a song can take you back. I’ve been reflective like that lately. Wishing I could have a beer with friends from the past 🙂

Considering : A good savings schedule. Wanna get to UK in 2018. Lookout!

Buying : A canvas family photo for some family this year, hope they like it.

Watching : Santa is watching already! So love answering all the funny questions about Santa from the boys. Their imagination is hilarious!

Hoping : See wishing!

Marvelling : It’s the end of the year nearly – that went quick!!!

Cringing : 3 mornings I’ve set the alarm for a 5.30am walk on the treadmill, 3 mornings I’ve pressed snooze and stayed in bed! Whoops! Not a morning person.

Needing : An extra day in the week!!

Questioning : I love asking the tourists that stop by my Visitor Centre where they’re from. Last week we’ve had Finland, Rockhampton, Wales, Scotland and Melbourne. Love it! Nearly lost my voice from all the talking – no surprises.

Smelling : Nothing! Blocked nose for a week now. Comes in wafts. I sat in my friend’s garden the other day that had something similar to blood and bone in it. She thought it was hilarious I never mentioned the awful smell but with the occasional waft I thought it was polite to say nothing. lol!

Wearing : Uniform of course. Pants – my lily white legs aren’t ready to bust out just yet!

Following : Humans of New York! Did you cry too? OMG! The 3 part story is just beautiful.

Noticing : My washing is drying rather quickly! Which is awesome but I can also feel it’s time for a size cull. Kids are getting bigger, need a wardrobe update.

Knowing : What new diary to purchase! It really is like shopping for the perfect shoe isn’t it!? It’s gotta be juuuust right!

Thinking : This time next month Christmas will be all over for another year.

Admiring : All these Share the Dignity bags!! I’ve got mine sorted. Will drop off this weekend 😉

Getting : More sleep is my mission! I need to go to bed earlier but I always get lured in my TV or Facebook lol!

Bookmarking : Nothing at the moment. I’m chasing my very first grant at the moment so it’s all go go!

Disliking : Bugs! Why do we get bugs at night – it means we can’t keep the doors and windows open for a lovely cool breeze. Bugger! Not a fan of bugs crawling on me though or swimming in my drink. No thanks

Opening : Presents soon. Hoping Farmer gets me something. This harvest excuse is getting old!!

Giggling : At all the Santa questions – I love my boys imagination – crazy – just like their mother!

Feeling : Gooooood! Eating well feels good, even a little exercise too. I had no choice, my winter coat was getting a little heavy!

Helping : Thinking of what to give my favourite helpers – my volunteers – as a little Christmas thank you gift. Maybe some fudge? Maybe some choc caramel slice?

Hearing : The kids are awake? But they’re not! Do you hear things too?

Celebrating : I haven’t started yet, but I will this weekend. Especially when i nail all the Christmas shopping 🙂

Pretending : There are cameras in our house that goes straight to Santa’s headquarters is SO MUCH FUN! It’ll break my heart when they figure out what really happens. Hope they believe for many more years yet.

Embracing : Family at Christmas time. All those Merry Christmas hugs, bad cracker jokes and drinks with the extended family are the best hey!

That’s all folks! Are you getting excited it’s nearly Christmas and New Year? Looking forward to summer?

Don’t forget there’s only a few more weeks left to win a $100 voucher at Birdsnest to win yourself a fabulous new outfit for Christmas. Check out this post for details. If you’d had some awesome service lately let me know in the comments below with the place and name of the server.

Enjoy your week lovelies, catch you next week!

Jo xx

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  • Reply Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid November 30, 2016 at 5:00 am

    I have Cold Feet withdrawal – I hope they make another series soon! I’ve been a huge fan of Amy Schumer since I saw her in Trainwreck and I’m well jel you’re getting to see her live! How cool! Good work on the Share the Dignity bags – isn’t it a great initiative? And high five to farmer on getting those Adele tickets, what a guy! I love that Santa has rigged your house with cameras beaming footage direct to Santa HQ – sounds like you’re on track for a crackin’ Christmas!

    • Reply Jo December 1, 2016 at 1:01 pm

      Oh I knew you’d love Cold Feet as much as me!! I love them all so much. I couldnt pick a favourite if I tried!! I love Amy but her movie wasn’t what I explected – especially the opening scene. Hello! Dignity bags yes! Sucha lovely idea. Must add a few extra goodies before the drop off. Very impressed with Farmer’s efforts – yay! And Elf on the Shelf arrived last night (actually this morning, I was way too tired to find him so found him last night) so reporting back to Father Christmas along with his live footage have my boys completely believing. They kept asking if they could hug the Elf Jingles during breakfast – haha! So cute. They’ll kill me when they’re teenagers for this!! haha! might still have to bring him out xx

  • Reply Anne November 30, 2016 at 7:08 am

    Tell me about the winter coat!! I am also eating well and exercising but I have a long way to go! We are having christmas at our place this year so I am not sure I am looking forward to entertaining everyone but I am sure it will be ok. I am not much of a cook!

    • Reply Jo December 1, 2016 at 1:06 pm

      Go you!! The nice thing about this time of year is it’s generally not too hot to going for walks and a bit of exercise isn’t too out of the question. Come those 40C days though – no chance!! You’re cooking for Christmas, awesome! I think the pressure is mainly on prep and being organised. Getting everything on your list when you hit the shops. Have fun planning Anne xx

  • Reply Ashlea | Glamour Coastal Living | December 2, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    Loved your taking stock – I haven’t done one for so long. They are such fun and a good way to recap! Go Farmer, Adele will be aaaaahmazing. Your Mum will be squealing on Chrissie day. I hope she isn’t an avid blog reader, her face will be priceless! The Merry sisters are fab aren’t they. So much yummy in one place xx

    • Reply Jo December 5, 2016 at 11:19 pm

      Thanks Ashlea – yes I’m hoping it’s a complete shock. I told her not to read blog this week so that keeps the secret alive til the day. I’m just loving the food Merry Sisters create – HOOKED!! xx

  • Reply Rachel December 5, 2016 at 10:46 am

    Oh oh oh Adele!!! JEALOUS!!! But did you hear the news about Amy Schumer?? DEVO!
    I had October completely sober, but November was a bit of a write off… will try and pace myself for this silly season!!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT today love xx

    • Reply Jo December 5, 2016 at 11:12 pm

      I knowwwwwwww! So I’m extremely excited for Adele and well devo about Amy – booooo! Many rants on facebook feel she didn’t sell enough tickets?!! Really? All sounds a bit odd. Very impressed you did a whole month. I’m realising I feel so much better without booze so enjoying that strange feeling while it lasts lol! Pace yourself – soda water it up Rach!! xx

    Leave a Reply